Khabin, your trusted partner in Technology Development & Strategy Consulting.

At Khabin, we seamlessly integrate into your team, offering versatile solutions as your Team Extension, handling End-to-End Development, or providing strategic insights through Consulting. Elevate your tech journey with Khabin — where innovation meets expertise.

1.Uncommitted to a Tech Stack

Your project deserves the perfect tools and frameworks tailored to its unique needs. We prioritize your requirements, ensuring a seamless fit, without imposing our favorites. Your success is our priority at Khabin – where flexibility meets expertise.

2.Undivided Attention

Experience the difference of focused dedication as we become your dedicated partner in Technology Development & Strategy Consulting. Plus, feel free to visit our offices and meet your team in person. Elevate your tech projects with Khabin – where commitment meets collaboration.

3.Clarify and prioritize

We streamline communication through executive outlines, utilizing your preferred channels such as Email, Slack, Teams, GitHub, and more. Tailoring our workflow to your needs, we let you choose the check-in timeline – be it daily, weekly, or a schedule that suits your project best. At Khabin, your preferences guide our collaboration, ensuring seamless communication and prioritized success.

Terrillo Walls

Terrillo Walls –Founded Khabin Technology in 2020.

Software Technology Consulting and Development

Terrillo has been an award-winning technology leader and consultant for marketing, technology, and media companies from 2011 to 2020 before starting Khabin.

Team Size
Average Experience
7.5 Years
United States

Tools and Technologies

Our team will help you evaluate your business goals and requirements to choose the right tech stack, ensure project feasibility, and forge software.

Apple Platforms

Swift, iOS, & macOS Development

Google Platforms

Koltin, Android, & Google Cloud


Django, Flask, & FastAPI


Azure & .NET


Wordpress, Laravel, & Symfony


React, React Native, Angular, & Express

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