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OmClock - Meditation Timer App for iOS


OmClock - Meditation Timer App for iOS


Introducing OmClock: The Ultimate Unguided Meditation App to Help You Find Inner Peace

Tulsa, January 11, 2024 - Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of OmClock, a revolutionary unguided meditation app designed to transform your meditation practice into a daily habit.

Meditation has long been recognized as a powerful tool for relaxation, stress reduction, and mental clarity. However, many individuals struggle to maintain a consistent practice. OmClock seeks to address this challenge by providing a customizable and accessible meditation experience that fits seamlessly into your daily routine.

With OmClock, you have the freedom to choose the duration of your meditation sessions, ranging from 1 minute to an incredible 8 hours. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, the app caters to your unique needs, allowing you to gradually build up your meditation practice at your own pace.

To enhance your meditation experience, OmClock offers the choice of sitting in silence or incorporating soothing background tracks. Immerse yourself in the calming sounds of bells, blocks, bowls, streams, and other gentle sounds, creating a tranquil environment that promotes relaxation and restfulness.

One of the standout features of OmClock is its ability to track your progress and provide valuable insights into your meditation journey. The app locally records the number of minutes or hours you have meditated, eliminating the need for a user account. Additionally, OmClock seamlessly integrates with Apple HealthKit, allowing you to track your "mindful minutes" within the Health app, if desired.

With our intuitive charts, you can visualize your meditation habits over time and gain valuable insights, such as your longest meditation session, average session length, and more. By tracking your progress, OmClock encourages you to continue building a healthy meditation practice, providing motivation and accountability at every step.

"We believe that meditation should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience or lifestyle," said [Spokesperson Name], Product Manager at OmClock. "With the launch of OmClock, we aim to empower individuals to take control of their well-being and make meditation a daily habit that brings inner peace and clarity."

OmClock is now available for download on the App Store, compatible with iOS devices. Experience the transformative power of meditation and unlock a world of serenity with OmClock.

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About OmClock OmClock is a leading provider of meditation solutions, committed to helping individuals find peace and tranquility in their daily lives. With a mission to make meditation accessible to all, OmClock offers a range of innovative tools and resources to support a consistent meditation practice.

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